EliteAesthetics Testimonials

Real Stories from EliteAesthetics Patients


"I'm very happy with my results from the Accent. So far I've had three treatments and lost two inches around the waist with three more sections left. Can't wait to see my next results."

-Mr. Maldonado


"I saw results in the first few hours. Friends noticed that something was different after five days. Shhhh! It is my secret."

-Marion M.


"I always thought I would never get rid of my scar on my forehead until I was introduced to the Pixel rejuvenation. With two treatments I saw a great improvement and my parents have seen the difference as well."

-Mrs. Leil


"My facial was so amazing, I'm so happy to book my next appointment the same day as my doctors' appointment!"



"This treatment was great! Not just that it took away years of sun damage, but it made my skin look and feel better. This was the best think that could have happened to me. This not only looks good but makes me feel so much better about myself. Everyone should have this treatment! Thank you!"



"I am very pleased with the Accent treatments. The results were like icing on the cake."



"I had a great experience and results with my facial, I can't wait to tell my family and friends about it!"

-Mrs. Saavedra


"It is my first time but I love it. Everybody was so nice, and they really know what they are doing. They explain about everything. I am so happy I bought this coupon!"

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